Conference Theme

Commercialization & Commoditization of Geospatial Information

The geospatial industry is at an inflection point. What was once a capital-intensive and single-purpose technology is becoming publicly available and multipurpose with myriad smaller contributors. This trend has wide-ranging effects. For Asia Pacific in particular, which needs to be on guard despite resilience in a challenging global environment, this technology can be the game changing tool to counter risks to growth, reduce financial and fiscal vulnerabilities, address constraints to sustained and inclusive growth, and enhance productivity. Commercialization is one of the quickest and most effective ways to reach the technology to the right audiences and realise its maximum impact. With the theme: Commercialization and commoditization of Geospatial Information, the conference will delve on the essentials of shift from traditional-usage centric to commercial-centric, more citizen-friendly and multipurpose, and how commoditization, specialization and niches are evolving.