Conference PROGRAM

April 9
Market Day 10:00

Exhibition Hall Open

DigitalGlobe User Interaction Workshop


Field Trips 13:45

Penfolds Winery (Agriculture)

SAHMRI (Health & Communities)

Tonsley Innovation (Energy & Innovation)

Market Day Closes at 16:00
GeoRabble 1600-1730
Welcome Function 17:00
Day Closes at 18:00
April 10
Opening Plenary  

Formal Opening


Welcome to Country


Convenor Address


Gary Maguire, Convenor Locate 18- GeoSmart Asia 18

SSSI Welcome


Alistair Byron, President, Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute

SIBA Welcome


Gaby Van Wyk, President, Spatial Industry Business Association

GeoSmart Asia Welcome


CEO Geospatial Media & Communication

Opening by Minister



Welcome to South Australia


Peter Worthington-Eyre, SA Chief Data Officer

Keynote Introduction 09:25



Flavia Tata Nardini, CEO, Fleet Space Technologies
Ed Parsons, Geospatial Technologist, Google
Cy Smith, Chief Geography Officer, Oregon, USA

Morning Tea Break 11:00

What is the CRCSI's New Frontier?


Dr Graeme Kernich, CEO, CRCSI



Rebecca De Cicco, Director, Digital Node, UK
Frank Giuffrida - EagleView
Estella Geraghty, Chief Medical Officer & Health Solutions Director, Esri, USA

Lunch 13:20
Breakout Sessions   Stream 1 Stream 2 Stream 3 Stream 4 Stream 5 Stream 6 Expo Hall



Smart Cities

Disaster Management

Geo-science for Energy Sector

Location Intelligence I

Artificial Intelligence

Surveying I

Interaction Zone

Presentation 1


Lead Speaker

Future Smart Cities
Eve Kleiman, Director Spatial & Graph Solutions, Oracle Asia/Pacific

Quantifying Climate Change Impacts on the Coast
Harmen Romeijn
Spatial Vision

Unlocking the bottom draw - a LiDAR journey
Alex Webster
Powercor / CitiPower

Changing the business of geospatial data
Michael Dixon
PSMA Australia

The Spatial Appreciation Revolution. Case studies in Mesh and Model.
Braith McClure

An Overview of the ePlan Journey in Australia with a Focus on the Victorian ePlan 2025 Roadmap
Hamed Olfat
Land Use Victoria, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

seminar 1 - TBA

Presentation 2


Distribution and GeoSpatial Analytics
Kale Needham
Spiral Data Group

Spatial Nirvana - From Cellulose to Electrons
Peter Lefel Banana Shire Council

Creating and Automating a Digital 3D Virtual World for Smarter Utilities & Improved Customer Outcomes
Ian McLeod
Enzen Australia

The Power of Collaboration Culture – Case Studies
Graham Hammond
Geoscience Australia

AI & Geoprocessing combine to automate the extraction of features from 3 band imagery.
Kurt Janssen

Analysing and quantifying 3D changes using multi-date 3D models of natural and urban generated from photogrammetry
Fabrice Marre

Women in the Spatial Frontier
Mary-Ellen Feeney

Presentation 3


Generating real outcomes from Smart City initiatives
David McDonald
Pitney Bowes

Real-time mapping transforms SA State Emergency Service incident management
Dr Sara Pulford
SA State Emergency Services

THE4BEES‚ Energy efficiency awareness for adolescents
Laura Knoth
Research Studios Austria iSPACE

Big Projects, Big Value. The Changing Role of GIS
Mina Jahanshahi

High revisit, multi-resolution, wide area satellite imagery coverage for data fusing and artificial intelligence.
Jonah Williams
Airbus Defence & Space Geo Australia

Implementing a dynamic datum: impacts on the NSW Cadastre and the Digital Economy
Maurits van der Vlugt
Mercury Project Solutions

The Women in Geospatial Science Professional Network put women on the map
Shelley Fitzgerald

Afternoon Tea Break 15:30

seminar 2 - TBA



Smart Cities

The Right Location

Integrating GDA2020 into Business as Usual

The Science of Geospatial

The Art of Communication


Interaction Zone Theatre

Presentation 4



Geo-coding regional and remote poor quality address records with confidence
Chris Radbone
SA NT DataLink

This will be a special 1hour 15 minute session

Global Outlook 2018: Spatial Information Industry
Dr Graeme Kernich

In today’s world we all ‘sell’ three things: our organisation, our product or service and most importantly ourselves
Sharon Ferrier
Persuasive Presentation


Presentation 5


Rebuild the app in 80 days.
Alex Leith
CRC for Spatial Information

Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) Test-bed Demonstration Project Update
Julia Mitchell

Overview of GDA2020 implementation – Michael Giudici, Chair ICSM

Research @ Locate
A method for partitioning very small targets that accounts for crossing point constraints

Yong Yin and Wei Wu

This will be a special 1hour 15 minute session


seminar 3 - TBA

Presentation 6


SmarterWX - Cloud-based scheduling tool for public works management
David Trengove
esri Australia

Research @ Locate
An Augmented Algorithm for Public Transit Transfers

Wei Sun, Lining Zhu and Zhiyuan Hong

Demonstration of technical tools, resources, educational materials

Research @ Locate
De-jitter and compensation methods for partition lines of long and narrow patches

Chengming Li, Yong Yin and Zhiyuan Hong



seminar 4 - TBA

Day Close at 17:15

Pre Dinner Drinks



APSEA Gala Dinner


Dining Room

Closed 23:00
April 11
Breakout Sessions   Stream 1 Stream 2 Stream 3 Stream 4 Stream 5 Stream 6 Expo Hall



Remote Sensing

Big Data

Health & Community

UAV for Business

Surveying II


Interaction Zone Theatre

Presentation 7


New Land Cover Data for South Australia 1987-2015
Matthew Miles
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources

Terapixel photogrammetry
Associate Professor Bertram Ostendorf
University of Adelaide

Lead Speaker
Ass Prof Neil Coffee
University of Canberra

Lead Speaker
Laurent Rivière

Surveyor Generals Forum
Cadastre 2034

Open Geospatial Consortium
Facilitated by Denise McKenzie

seminar 5 - TBA

Presentation 8


An audit of photogrammetry tools and spatial techniques to assist burn assessment
Petra Helmholz
Curtin University

Future National Geospatial Agencies: Shaping our contribution to society
John Kedar Ordinance Survey

G.I.G.O. - The case for validation and accuracy assessment in a dataset on Public Open Space used in population health research
Mark Daker
University of South Australia

Drone Surveys - Applications in the design process.
Bill Farry
RPS Australia East

This will be a special 1 hour 40 minute session

This will be a special 1 hour 40 minute session

seminar 6 - TBA

Presentation 9


Sensor resolutions from space: the tension between temporal, spectral, spatial and swath
Associate Professor David Bruce

Crowdsourcing and Machine Learning to Extract Value out of Geospatial Big Data
Andrew Steele

Building capacity for spatially-enabled health research to understand diabetes in relation to social, built and physical environmental factors in the State of Kuwait
Dr Saad Alsharrah
Dasman Diabetes Institute

Leveraging IoT and Drones to Produce Aerial Intelligence
Chase Fly



seminar 7 - TBA

Presentation 10


Multi-temporal remote sensing for spatial estimation of Plant Available Water holding Capacity
Sofanit Araya
The University of Adelaide

The past, present, and future of government data publishing
Anne Harper

Using Location to create change in South Australian communities
Penny Baldock
Department for Communities and Social Inclusion

Generating a 3D Point Cloud from UAV Images
David McKittrick
Blue Marble Geographics



seminar 8 - TBA

Morning Tea Break 10:30

seminar 9 - TBA



Location Intelligence II


Science of Smart Cites

GIS in Government & Policy

Surveying II


Interaction Zone Theatre

Presentation 11


Combined data sets of Airborne Lidar Bathymetry, Imagery and Multibeam Echo Sounder for Hydrography and Coastal Zone Management in the Asia Pacific Region
Hugh Parker Fugro

Multi-temporal LIDAR data for forestry - an approach to investigate timber yield changes.
Dr Stefan Peters
University of South Australia

Research @ Locate
Movement pattern analysis using Voronoi Diagrams

David Amores and Maria Vasardani

Lead Speaker
Value realization from Geo-enabling government services

Mr Maher Karim
Public Authority for Civil Information

Lead Speaker
Mobile laser scanning on USA roads

Joe Bruno
ESP Associates

Lead Speaker
Chris Hewett
Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation

seminar 10 - TBA

Presentation 12


Surface Movement Monitoring (SMM) based on High-Resolution TerraSAR-X Satellite Data - Operational Case Studies
Seyed Miri

The art and science of remote sensing, agriculture and an AI-driven geospatial revolution.
Dr Dipak Paudyal
esri Australia

Research @ Locate
Real-time image-based parking occupancy detection using deep learning

Debaditya Acharya, Weilin Yan and Kourosh Khoshelham

Keep Calm and Follow the Standard: The Art of Using and Adapting Standards to locate data
Margie Smith
Geoscience Australia

Riverbank Revamp: Transforming the Adelaide Riverbank using 3D laser scanning & Revit BIM models
Franco Rea
Alexander Symonds

Gavin Hamilton
Australian Submarine Corporation

seminar 11 - TBA

Presentation 13


Research @ Locate
Deriving place graphs from spatial databases

Ehsan Hamzei, Hao Chen, Hua Hua, Maria Vasardani, Martin Tomko and Stephan Winter

Estimating the effect of nitrogen fertilization on growth and yield of sugarcane using UAV LiDAR and multispectral imaging technologies.
Dr Yuri Shendryk


Queensland's Transforming Spatial Environment
Steve Jacoby PSM
Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy

Automated Scan Data Registration for Improving TLS Data Acquisition Efficiency
Thomas Gaisecker
RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems

Pixel to Report - how the 4th revolution is changing the scenario in both IMINT and civilian market
Valerio Perusini e-GEOS/Telespazio

seminar 12 - TBA

Lunch 12:15

seminar 13 - TBA



Solutions for Business

Future Thinkers

Location Intelligence III

Innovation in Geospatial

Surveying II


Interaction Zone Theatre

Presentation 14


Improving field and asset management collaboration with next generation integrated applications
Rob Clout
Clarita Solutions

Transformative characteristics and research agenda for the SDI-SKI step change: A cadastral data case study
Dr Lesley Arnold

A National Network for the Coordination of Spatial Effort in Emergency Management
Elliott Simmons

Location Intelligence in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Daniel Getman

3D Cadastres in Australia and New Zealand: Converging Drivers and Contextual Challenges
Rohan Bennett
Swinburn Business School

Collaboration in Space for International Global Maritime Awareness, for the Good of Mankind.
Guy Thomas

seminar 14 - TBA

Presentation 15


Digital Earth Australia: Operational Earth Observations for a digital economy
Speaker TBA Geoscience Australia

Leveraging an AWS Serverless approach to implement enterprise geospatial capability for Location SA
Greg Van Gaans
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

The Marree Man and the Case of the Missing Genitals
Phil Turner
Publican - Marree Hotel

Next generation geoscience data delivery: an open source solution
Trisha Moriarty
Geological Survey of New South Wales, Australia

The Identification and Mapping of Historical Afghan Cameleer Mosque Sites in Marree and Farina, South Australia
David Pyper
Pyper Leaker Surveying Services


seminar 15 - TBA

Closing Plenary  

Welcome by MC


Agenda 2026 Report


Dr Peter Woodgate & Glenn Cockerton, Co-Chairs, Australia’s Leadership Group for the 2026 Spatial Industry Transformation & Growth Agenda

Keynote Introduction





Joe Bruno, Executive Vice President, ESP Associates, USA


Jerry Johnston, Specialist Leader, Deloitte, USA

Afternoon Tea Break 15:20

Interactive Zone Closed



BC Quah, BC Quah, Head of Marketing—Asia Pacific, FARO


Ben Haines, Athlete Development Manager, South Australian National Football League


Prof Elanor Huntington, Dean, Australian National University, Australia

Formal Closing 17:20

Dr Zaffar Mohamed-Ghouse, Chair, Locate Conference Australia

Closed 17:30