India Geospatial Business Summit

Indian growth story is scripted by a strong entrepreneurial mindset of its people, stable growth-oriented governance, abundance of skilled, semi-skilled as well as unskilled manpower and a zeal in its people for making a difference. Currently at a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate of 7.6%, Indian GDP in 2015 represented 3.37 percent of the world economy. Also in 2015 India overtook China and the US as the top destination for the Foreign Direct Investment. Thanks to the current Indian government's Make in India initiative, FDI further increased in 25 sectors of the economy, including Infrastructure, Automotive, Pharma, Services, Railways etc. These efforts and others have pushed Ease of Doing Business Ranking of India to 130 out of the 189 economies. India envisages to carry forward these developmental milestones to reach the size of 20 Trillion US dollar economy by 2030.

Supporting Organisation

The country’s economy will be driven by sectors, including infrastructure, manufacturing, finance, retail, power, digital initiatives, agriculture, transportation and urban development.

Geospatial industry is doing its bit for national development playing a critical role in each of these sectors. Currently, various ministries and government departments are using geospatial tools, content and technologies for achieving social development, ease of delivery of public services, micro-level program planning, development and maintenance of infrastructure, precision agriculture, efficient distribution of utilities. At the same time, business enterprises are also deploying geospatial technologies to gain efficiencies in facilities management, market planning, supply chain, customer service and financial performance. This has given the relevant push to the Indian geospatial industry, which is growing at a rate of about 20-25 percent, as per an informal estimate. Currently, home-grown Indian geospatial companies are working extensively both within the country and overseas, providing geospatial services and solutions for a plethora of user industries.

The rapidly growing Asian market offers Indian geospatial industry, as well as our government a lucrative and mutually beneficial partnership opportunity. A case in point is the pro-bono agreement that Andhra Pradesh government signed with Singapore in December 2014 to plan the new capital for the state of Andhra Pradesh. The government of Singapore, along with private agency Surbana Jurong, committed to preparing three masterplans for the new smart city of Amravati. Similarly, Indian geospatial industry and government agencies are actively working with their Asian counterparts to provide geospatial content, services and solutions for addressing issues of common concern.

The India Geospatial Business Summit will be an exclusive platform for the Geospatial Industry, Government and User organizations from India to share some of their successes and challenges with their Asian counterparts. It will also be a platform for Asian geospatial professionals to explore possible collaborations with Indian companies and government agencies with respect to geospatial services, solutions and content sharing.


Discussion Questions

The panel shall revolve around the following key questions.

  1. What opportunities does the Asian geospatial private sector see in collaborating with Indian industry, while serving the national developmental goals for their countries?
  2. India as a leader in space based technologies and content can be leveraged by the Asian countries. What is the kind of requirement that currently exists for remote sensing data and how can Indian Space sector cater to this demand?
  3. What kinds of mutual technology/experience/expertise exchange can we envisage leveraging geospatial technologies for key sectors that hold importance for both India and Asia, like smart cities, disaster early warning and preparedness, agriculture, infrastructure development etc.


The Summit is on invitation basis only, not open for all GeoSmart Asia participants. It is expected to be attended by Indian geospatial industry representatives, users and government organizations, as well as select representatives from Asian geospatial users, private and government sectors.

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