Pre-Conference Seminar on Socio-Economic Value of Geospatial for National and Regional Development
21 August 2017 Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Malaysia


The value of geospatial technology lies in its ability to manage and integrate data, as well as in its analytical tools that sharpen decision-making, that ultimately save time and money. The continuing Asian (and global) economic uncertainty has brought major focus on productivity to the region, which serves as a great opportunity to raise the profile of Asian geospatial industry.

Legislative approach to bring market-oriented policies and enabling users to capitalize on geospatial technology will be an important growth driver for national economies. The rise of social media and Internet, too, shall continue to fuel up interest in location technology from consumer, which are now driving and seeding development in the industry.

The seminar will focus on the socio-economic value of geospatial technology in national economy and strategy for harnessing the value for national and regional development. It will target 100+ leaders from all parts of the geospatial ecosystem – policymakers, adopters/users, entrepreneurs, investors, and researchers to discuss innovative new ideas, as well as to explore the pathway that can further expand the outreach of geospatial value in national economy.

This seminar is by invitation only. If you’re interested to attend, kindly write to for an invitation. Limited seats available!


Geospatial Media and Communications is undertaking a study on ‘Socio-Economic Value and Relevance of Geospatial Information in Asia’, targeting regional development agencies from 6-8 selected countries in the region. The study shall focus on how geospatial tools are being used in these organizations to achieve sustainable development goals and the kind of value generated out of such investment. The study shall involve pro-active and in-depth dialogue with key stakeholders, aligning with their long term and short term vision and goals. The pre-conference seminar will be structured based on the findings of this study.


  • National Geospatial Agencies
  • Economic Planning Agencies
  • ICT Agencies
  • Statistical Agencies
  • User Enterprises
  • Research Institutions
  • Geospatial Companies


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