Geo Rabble

What is GeoRabble?

GeoRabble ( is a free, informal meet-up about celebrating the everyday challenges and triumphs of working with location. Everything from the mundane to the glamorous, whatever gets your GeoRocks off. Anything to do with GeoTech, GeoDev, GeoBusiness, GeoTrends, GeoFutures, – you name it, as long as you’re passionate and want to share your challenges, triumphs, frustrations and pride in the work that you do.

GeoRabble is here to connect, inspire and really have some fun with what is the coolest tech around – and if you don’t believe that, then GeoRabble is not for you.

Typically, a GeoRabble event includes some short talks, a cash bar and (sponsored) finger food (often Pizza). GeoRabble started in Sydney in 2011, and Rabbles have since been hosted in Melbourne, Tasmania, Brisbane, Canberra, Auckland, Perth and Pretoria.

About GeoRabble@Locate

We will host a GeoRabble at Locate/GeoSmart Asia 2018, in Adelaide, on Monday 9 April, 4:00-5:30PM. Held on the ‘market day’, GeoRabble@Locate aims at people who can explore the conference exhibition for free, and after its close attended the Rabble.


If you have any questions, or have an idea for a (short, no sales pitch) presentation, please contact us at