Disaster Management & Climate Change

Asia Pacific is vulnerable to various kinds of natural disasters. The climate variability and extreme weather are also contributing majorly, increasing the magnitude and intensity of natural disasters in the region. While there is no way to avoid the catastrophe, there are measures that can be taken to increase preparedness and reduce the risks.

Scientific knowledge is critically important to enable society to understand and respond to threats posed by disasters and climate change. Geospatial information and technology, including GIS, remote sensing, spatial visualization, have a tremendous role to play in addressing disaster and climate issues, leading to better understanding of natural phenomena and surroundings. It facilitates processes such as monitoring and modelling, prediction and mitigation of effects; hazard and risk assessment/simulation models, forecasting/early warning, damage assessment, carbon accounting schemes, and many others.

The seminar will bring out the applications of geospatial information and technology in various aspects of disaster management and climate change mitigation.